Hi, my name is Ruben

I can help you translate texts with a special eye for diversity or provide you with knowledge in inclusive language in translation.

Better words for better connections

Talking about inclusive language may sound like a strictly ideological matter, but for those working in communication, it actually has a very practical side. Using respectful words allows to address and engage a diverse population, which is a win-win for both companies and the audience: the former can improve their reputation, while the latter can feel more represented in society.

Since 2018, I have had the opportunity to create educational resources and paths on inclusive language for professionals specialized in translation, localization and UX writing. Thanks to these and other experiences, I can help you when organizing conferences involving Italian or participating in multilingual projects with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

One word at a time, we can all contribute to a more pleasant and welcoming communication environment.

A sample from my portfolio

These gender-focused resources can help give you an idea of how I work.

The Gender-Inclusive Language Project: Italian

A 30-minute presentation on how to handle gender in Italian UX writing. Video in Italian with English transcription.

Localizing gender: how to be neutral when your language is not

My contribution for Elia Together 2022, one of the most important conferences on translation and localization.

Take your Italian content to the next level

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