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Hi, my name is Ruben

I’ve been working in localization since 2011. I can help you give your Italian content a human voice and check that it is correct and compliant with your quality requirements.

The language services I offer

As an Italian native speaker, I work exclusively on projects from English and Spanish to Italian as the target language. This is how I provide a natural, fluent and inch-perfect text with the right tone for the target audience.

Icona traduzione e localizzazione

Translation and Localization

Localization is “the process of adapting a product so that it has the look and feel of a nationally-manufactured piece of goods” (LISA). Translation is just one part of a broader picture involving linguistic, cultural, and technical factors. Thanks to my multidisciplinary background and years of experience, I can help you localize various types of content for the Italian market.

Icona revisione e controllo qualità

Review and Quality Assurance

Even the best localization professionals can make mistakes: this is why having their work peer-reviewed is crucial. Acting as a reviewer or language quality inspector in your project, I can help you assess the quality of localized content, providing detailed and impartial feedback regarding accuracy, style and compliance with linguistic requirements.

Icona coordinamento linguistico

Language Leading

Bigger localization projects usually involve various translators. As the team size increases, it’s crucial to have one person in charge of evaluating the resources and assuring these are up-to-date. As a Language Lead, I can help you keep every member on track with project requirements, creating style and writing guides, building and maintaining glossaries and Xbench checklists, and sharing knowledge and feedback.

Icona testing e proofreading

Testing and Linguistic Sign-off

Whether your product is a document, a website or an app, checking that the translation is a faithful reflection of the original is crucial. This includes checking text against language rules, comparing the final layout to the source, and reporting functional bugs. Doing this, I can help you guarantee that your localized content is easy to use and read, fully functional, and fit for purpose.

I cannot disclose the projects I have translated so far, but you can check out the agencies I work with.

My fields of expertise

  IT and digital

Content types: user interface and experience (UI and UX), online help articles, user guides and manuals, websites and store content for both software and mobile applications.

  B2C Marketing, Transcreation and SEO

Content types: brochures, newsletters, and press releases; blog posts, websites and social media content, with a special focus on SEO, if required.

  Life Science and Medical Equipments

Content types: user manuals and interfaces for medical equipment, as well as instructions for use and package leaflets.

  Tourism and Leisure

Content types: blog posts, websites and social media content covering travel, sport and music.

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